Refund Policy

Refund Policy

This page is to clarify the refund policy of Popadup Platform from our terms page

In case the User requires a refund,  the user required to send an email request for a refund.

Refund is subjected only to the remaining balance of the user account,

by reading this agreement and using Popadup Platform, the user agreed that any spend/used balance isn’t refundable at any time and any case.

1. The refund will be initial up to 3 business days from the refund request by the user. Usually, a refund is initiated within 72 hours.

2. Refund request must be no more than 45 days for the transaction date, any request after will be rejected, however, no penalty will initiate and funds will remain on the advertiser account.

3. By reading this agreement and using Popadup Platform, all users agreed that Popadup isn’t responsible nor guarantees any performance and return for any spending, conversion, quality traffic, leads, sales, opt-in and installs for the user campaign.

4. Any dispute over Paypal without contacting our team in advance will be automatically escalated to Paypal Review as we have our Seller Fraud Protection.

5. The Parties agree that the Software data is the only due means to determine the number of funds subject to crediting or debiting to/from the User’s Personal Account. The Contractor shall use the services of a notary or another credible person to record and(or) confirm such data on the specified moment for resolution of contingent disputes or disagreements with the User. In case such a person is addressed data disclosure to this person shall not be considered violating the Agreement or other obligations of the User on ensuring information confidentiality.

6. In order to request  the refund  advertiser need to provide these details:

  1. Date of transaction
  2. Amount of transaction
  3. Your Paypal account ID
  4. Your email account ID
  5. The balance of your account
  6. A statement that you understand our refund policy for this link:

, Once we receive all the information we will initiate a refund.

7. PopAdUp doesn’t guarantee any conversions and performance, beside the traffic it sent and follow the numbers over the user dashboard reports. any claim under PayPal dispute, which related to none performance results such as leads, sales, installs, signups will be rejected and can’t be used on PayPal disputes.


, Best Regards

Popadup Team