Reaching your Audience with Push Notification Network

Push notification network

Push notification is a new and creative way to put the words out there to customers. The term is unique and so many people who are not tech-savvy might not get it. So in this article, we will attempt t break down its rudiments and help you understand its origin, advantages and in-depth study.

Push Notification network is a new advertising tool for digital marketing. The new ad tool, Push Notification, allows the app or digital marketers to place alerts on mobile devices.

What is spectacular about push notification is that it provides alerts even when the user’s device is not being used. Push Notification provides absolute traffic, with nothing like Adblock utilities.

History of Push Notification

Started out of the innovation of Apple in 2009, and known as Apple Push Notification, i.e. APN. APN was a method with which apple app developers send information to Apple devices, including iOS, tvOS, macOS, without stress.

Push notification network

In 2010, Google took a new turn and introduced Push Notification as “Google Cloud” for android devices. It is also imperative to know that there is heavy competition between the Apple brand and the colossal android market.

3 years later, the idea fattened up, and Google introduced “Rich Notifications.” This allowed for a space for creativity in relation to Push Notification, allowing developers to include customized features. This lead to the dissection of the “Rich Notification button” to include:

  • List
  • Image
  • Progress
  • Basic

In 2014, Apple introduced a new version of Push Notification after Google’s extended approach. The new version which launched an interactive notification in the iOS 8 version allowed users to undertake actions with ease.

For example, users can reply to a message without opening the app. In 2015, the Apple brand took Push Notification to the next level by introducing it to Apple Watch.


Types of Push Notification Networks

The two basic types of Push notifications for iOS and Android are remote and local notifications. App developers are the ones that configure the option of local notifications, and this is done while the app is being developed.

On the other hand, marketing and promoting professionals like Popadup make use of Remote to send notifications. There are several other types of Push notifications, and they include:

  • Standard Push Notification: This allows marketers carrying out Affiliate marketing to send a single notification into the mobile device of their audience or user.


  • Geolocation-based Push Notification: Using the location information of users, marketers and promoters premise on that information to offer information related to that location.


  • Business-need Push Notification: For example, Online stores send push notifications about particular footwear you once searched on google. This Notification is solely based on specific business needs. This may even help to announce Black Friday deals.

How Push Notification Works

Push notification was designed to work by originating its content from the server. Push notification requires that the user opt-in to receive notifications from the server.

Apple push notification

For example, Apple devices use APNs (Apple Push Notification service) to deliver push notifications on all iOS devices. This further certifies that Push notifications work differently on different platforms. Using mobile backends, businesses send push notifications to their clients.


Why use Push Notifications Advertising Network

  • Push notification provides value to businesses and end-users. It keeps end-users in the loop of what is happening, providing news updates, flight information, song recommendation and more.


  • Provides a hassle-free method of business-user communication, without the need for a mediator. Push notification helps to connect with a lot of clients, and growing Mobile and Desktop Website Traffic and increase conversion rate, and ROI.


  • Push Notification is easy to use; it does not stress the end-users or any rigorous routine for business owners. Marketers and end-users do not even have to own a social media account to do push notifications.




The newly innovative benefits of Push Notification advertising services cannot be overemphasized. The algorithm of push notification delivers instant information to the end user’s device.

However, you have to use professionals that will help you target the right customers. Reach out to your customers now through Popadup.