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Please follow this guide to get the best results for your campaign, we have the best practice follow this setup:
 Click " New Campaign"
                                                Select Push
Basic Set up
1. Enter the Destination URL of the website you want to advertise. 
2. Add Google Analytics tracking code if you would like to track sources, domain or
3. Select Call to action (Goal of your creative)
4. Add your Brand Logo
5. Provide an Image you would like to advertise
Push notification ad creative requirements: 
• Preview image: 192×192 px
• Expanded image: 492х328 px
• Text title: 30 symbols max
• Text description: 45 symbols max

Tip: You can now use emojis in push Ads! 
Studies say emojis can boost
your CTR up to 57% for pushes.

Conversion Tracking Code
Select one of the tracking options:
Pixel,Post Back URL and place it in the 
thank you page

Minimum Bid is $0.003, however its better to follow the platform suggested bid per GEO

Daily Spend
Not lower than $25 per day

Select your GEO

Device & Browser Targeting
• Mobile: Android Phone, Android Tablet, 
• Desktop: Windows, MacOS
• Browser: Chrome

Visit Capping (Frequency Cap):
We recommend on 1 visit per day to get the best results 
Advance Setting: Optimization Rules 
We recommend  to use our unique feature to let the platform optimize your campaign on autopilot.

These are the best optimization rules we recommend to use, just copy and paste: 

For placement if accepted_clicks > 25 and conversions < 1 in last 3 days then blacklist


For site_id if accepted_clicks > 50 and conversions < 1 in last 3 days then blacklist

Note: you can use this feature only after you implement our conversion pixel or post-back url in your thank you page. 

Source Black and White List
If you are using the optimization rules, this optimization will be done automatically, however you still can add the black and white list sources that convert manually. 

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