Publisher Signup Question List



We are so happy to have you join us. And we would like to assist you to monetize your traffic.

Before we can approve your publisher account we need to learn more about your traffic sources.

To get started, you need to contact us directly over Skype.

Add us Skype:

Or You can find us  with our Skype Id is live:f5d8bea540e8cf1b under name Popadup Team with our Logo

If you don’t have a Skype account we will not be able to proceed with your account setup.

When you add us on Skype we request you to send us answers for all following questions,

make sure to answer ALL questions required an answer:

1) What is your Skype ID?

2) what is the email you registered in our platform?
3) Are you a direct publisher or a network?
3) which of the following ad formats do you serve ads:
1. Pop
2. Push
3. Native
4. Display Banners
5. In-app Banners
6. Video

4) What Verticals do you support?
1. Mainstream
2. Adult
3. Both

5) For each of the above ad formats, we need you to send us a site list for a review, Make sure to specify the ad format for each site list group

6) Which of the formats do you wish to integrate?

You can only select one option

Option 1:

XML Feed – Push, Pop
OpenRTB End Point – Display

Option 2:
Redirect SmartLink URL – Pop
JS Tags – Display

7) Do you have a Backfill URL/Feed? If yes, please paste it here:


Once we will be able to receive all answers over Skype we will give you the best monetize offer we have for your supply


, Best Regards

Popadup Team