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  • Create your account
    Just insert your email and you have an account, follow the instructions and create your first campaign                                           
  • Your Campaign Setup 
    Your campaign will be setup with all features and optimization tools we have in order to assure you get the best reasults from the very first beginning
  • Expert Campaign Review
    Our team will review your campaign details and contact if they have any additional questions.
  • The Traffic Advantage
     Your success is ours, so we want to assure you start your campaign with no beginner mistakes, this will help you convert better with a very little money


  • Low Minimum Bid Rate!
    Increase your conversion rate Popunder Traffic start from $0.0005 Per View , while Native Ads and Display start as low as $0.1 CPM
  • Flexible Refund Policy 
  • At PopAdUp we believe in giving all our users the best possible experience, therefore we don’t hold your money because we know hard you work for your campaigns.

    If you don’t believe that you’re getting the best conversions from our platform, we’ll promptly issue you a refund of your remaining account balance.

    Just ask – you’ll be refunded within 24 hours, no strings attached and no question ask.

  • Low Minimum Start Deposit
    We don’t believe that our users should have to spend so much money on our platform without even getting a chance to test it. Start  with  $25 ONLY!
  • Large Range of Traffic Sources
  • With PopAdUp you can connect to premium supply-side platforms that help you to manage your advertising space inventory, like Google Ad Exchange, OpenX, Appnexus and over 50 more networks and  ad exchanges.

    In short, you get access to over 10 billion daily impressions worldwide through us.

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Traffic Sources and Ad Exchanges Supply