In-app Advertising with Push Notification traffic

IN app Advertising

There is a growing usage of mobile apps and enormous revenue being generated. It was reported by Business Insider that there were around 25billion app downloads in the first quarter of 2017.

More than 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, and this is a rapidly growing statistics coupled with the fact that over 80% of mobile usage time is spent on mobile app environments. With these positive growth statistics, it would be rather foolish for advertisers not to focus their marketing strategies on mobile ads.

in-app advertising
Such tools are key to marketing to the right audience and improving your profits.


In-app advertising is expedient to affiliate marketing and mobile ad. Social media apps aren’t just the apps taking mobile users time today, but a wide range of other apps across various verticals.

In-app advertising is different from web advertising as it refers to advertising that takes place within the mobile app. It is currently the fastest growing form of mobile advertising on the market. The con is people have to install your app on their mobile devices for you to enjoy mobile in-app advertising benefits.

Generate App Installs using Push Notifications

Push Notifications, being a top ad format, will over all other ad formats, drive mobile app installs for you. Push Notifications has proven to be an excellent way to draw engagement for your app, especially when used in the right direction.

Push Notifications will offer real value through coupons, alerts, contents, or time-sensitive offers in the bid to attract and maintain user engagement with the application. However, one of the significant challenges for app creators is how to get users to opt into the push notifications.

Push Notifications are displayed in three locations on a mobile device and can trigger a sound or vibration. They can appear on the mobile’s lock screen, notification center, and banners. Push Notifications enable businesses to deliver value and appropriate content and also keeps customers engaged with their product.

In-app Advertising with Push Notification traffic
Push notification can boost engagements the most


Mobile push notifications are used to deliver product updates, personalized offers, and information that’s integral to the functionality of the app. They are timely, personal, and actionable.

How Push Notifications work on iOS and Andriod

There is a difference between how Push Notifications work on iOS and Android devices.

iOS is based on a push opt-in model and doesn’t let brands send mobile push notifications to app users until the users have agreed to receive them. While Android automatically opts-in users to receive push notifications, with an option to manually opt-out.

Android obviously will give you a broader audience of push-enabled users by default in comparison to iOS. It is crucial to consider the difference between iOS push notifications and Android push notifications before you start drafting your mobile push notification strategy. Push notifications will increase engagement with your app and improve customer conversion and retention.

Push Notifications with Popadup platform

When you are using push notifications traffic for any affiliate marketing offers, you will be exposed to a target audience that will click on the push notification ad and place their email address.

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