How to Create a Push Notification Campaign

Push Notification Campaign Setup

Please watch the Video Till the End so you can learn all our features and setup your campaign

on the highest optimize level.

What are push notifications?
Push Notifications are clickable pop-up messages that appear on the web browser of your
users’ desktop and mobile devices. Push Notifications are interactive, clickable messages
that lead visitors directly to your website. They help you increase traffic and engagement
rate exponentially.

Why choose push notification ads?
• Only real bot free traffic
• Exceptional reach and performance
• Boosts your customer acquisitions efforts
• Engaged audience and higher retention
• Instant delivery

click “New Campaign”

Select Push

Basic Setting 

Tip: You can now use emojis in push-advertising! Studies say emojis can boost
your CTR up to 57% for pushes.

1. Enter the Destination URL of the website you want to advertise.
2. Add Google Analytics tracking code if you would like to track sources, domain or
3. Select Call to action (Goal of your creative)
4. Add your Brand Logo
5. Provide an Image you would like to advertise

Push notification ad creative requirements:
• Preview image: 192×192 px
• Expanded image: 492х328 px
• Text title: 30 symbols max
• Text description: 45 symbols max

Targeting options available:
• Mobile: Android Phone, Android Tablet, Android browsers (Chrome, Samsung etc.)
• Desktop: Windows, MacOS

Advance Setting

  • To track Conversion use our Pixel or Post Back Conversion Tool
  • Place Your Bid from $0.01 minimum bid
  • Select your daily budget
  • Select the GEO

Select a Data Center 

For better performance we recommend to create 2 campaign with a data center per each campaign, and compare results


And Finally Select a Category, we have over 50+ Categories to select from your vertical for better targeting.

Push Ad Copy Samples

Create an attractive call to action Ad to increase conversion and CTR

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