Crypto Advertising

Crypto Advertising

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency and is slowly becoming the most prominent form of digital trading, which uses cryptographical algorithms to run financial transactions. The most notable component of cryptocurrency is the fact that any central authority does not manage it; it is theoretically immune to government intervention and control due to the decentralized nature of the block-chain. The use of block-chain technology to achieve decentralization, clarity, and immutability is what Crypto-currency leverages on.

Block-chain provides the validity of each Crypto-currency’s coin. A block-chain is a list of records that grows continuously, called blocks, which are secured and linked using cryptography. Bitcoin is the pioneer decentralized Crypto-currency. Pseudonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto developed it. Although we now have over 1,800 types of Crypto-currency, bitcoin remains the most popular and most valuable type of crypto-currency. Bitcoin has a total market value of about $165 billion.

To get the best out of crypto advertising and bitcoin advertising, you need a platform that is dedicated to building a good crypto and bitcoin traffic. Popadup is the platform that takes your advertising to your targeted audience, generates leads and convert leads into actual buying customers. 


Crypto advertising using the Popadup platform

Popadup is a real-time advertising trading platform for Push Notifications Ads, Pop-under Ads, Pop up Ads, Native Push Notifications Ads, Display Banners, and audience traffic. Popadup delivers maximum exposure for advertisers.

Gain traffic using our platform; we offer you the best ways to drive website traffic, boost crypto/bitcoin advertising, and convert leads. Push notifications ads and Pop-under ads are the most affordable forms of converting crypto advertising and bitcoin campaigns because it targets users that are only interested in your ads for a low cost. 

Crypto advertising
Popadup crypto advertising

Generate and Convert Leads with Push Notifications and Pop-under Ads 

Most of the internet’s traffic comes from mobile devices, which makes push notifications ads and Pop-under ads more effective than any other ad format. Push notifications are on-click pop-up messages that appear on the user’s browsers irrespective of which device they use or browser they are on. It is a highly innovative way to keep businesses directly connected to the desired client demography with Geo-targeting

Generate 10x more conversions at a low cost and gain more user engagement using Push Notification Advertising. Push notification has a significant impact on your campaign success as it goes directly to your targeted audience. Push notifications increase your conversion rate, which means higher ROI for your campaign budget. Push notifications can appear in any of these three ways on your mobile device: they can appear on the mobile’s lock screen, notification center, and banners.

Popunder ads are a less intrusive form of advertisement. It opens in a different window or behind the current window, which gives users the option to go through it and open the ads. This will ultimately generate leads to your crypto ads and convert leads to customers.

Push Notification ads and Popunder ads are the best ad formats that will convert crypto advertising and bitcoin ads into leads.