Smart Links – How to Use Them

Smartlink Advertising

SmartLinks Advertising  With SmartLinks™, marketers can ensure a friction-free user flow by combining deep linking technologies with branded landing pages and dynamic routing by platform In a consumer-driven marketplace, as users make split-second decisions across connected devices, an error message… Read moreSmart Links – How to Use Them

New format of Blacklists/Whitelists Feature

If an advertising campaign receives few conversions this does not mean that the push network sells poor traffic. Most likely, traffic is untargeted. In this case, the webmaster uses a budget but does not get leads. The problem is solved… Read moreNew format of Blacklists/Whitelists Feature

New Feature: Micro Bidding for Better Optimization

New Feature at Pop Ad Up – Micro Bidding! Micro bidding is a pro feature for those who want to optimize their campaigns for maximum performance and accuracy. It allows us to make a custom bid for a parameter and… Read moreNew Feature: Micro Bidding for Better Optimization