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India is one of the largest countries in the world with an ever-evolving economy. The country homes over 1.3 billion people in the world.

Buying website traffic from India can really push your website’s boundaries to their fullest potential. It helps generate website visitors and affects your marketing strategies!

The website traffic from India can help your business grow and flourish! It can further make use of push notification advertising, mobile advertising, and desktop advertising to reach your key demographic!

Let’s find out a little more about the ways you can start to advertise and improve your traffic as well as whether or not this is a safe investment for your brand!


Table of Contents

  1. Buy Website Traffic from Different Sources
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  1. Is Buying Website Traffic from India a Safe Investment?


Buy Website Traffic from Different Sources


The best way to improve your website visitors is to buy traffic and generate clicks on your landing page. The right website traffic can do wonders for your brand. There are several sources that you can use to generate social media traffic.

Some of the sources are: 

Google Adwords 


Google Adwords has one of the biggest potential traffic generations for making visitors come to your landing page. What is important that it is extremely easy to use! It makes use of keyword optimization and helps reach a larger audience- especially when it comes to Indian customers!

It has many optimization tools that you can use to make your content more friendly to users as well as for lead generation. This builds your customer base and is a great tool if you want to cash in on a home business opportunity.

In addition to this, Google AdWords is a great Facebook advertising alternative too!

However, the downside to Google AdWords is that there is a lot more competition in the field. It is difficult to make your way to the top and with excessive ad networks, people start to distrust Ads!

This- in the long run, can harm your customer relationship and brand loyalty. There are also other Indian search engines that are breaking apart the Google AdWords market.

Moreover, if you are looking to target a niche of the larger market then Google Adwords is not as specific and has a more of a broader reach.

Facebook Ads

Similarly, another source is Facebook ads which allow brands to target very specific audiences. Its features can target the key demographics that your business might have. These demographics can be according to gender, location, and other kinds of psychographics.

Facebook has over 1.5 billion users and the application’s data keeps track of what kind of things people are interested in! This also helps target audiences better with affiliate marketing.

website traffic
Social media platforms provide a great Ad network


All these features make Facebook one of the best social media marketing platform. Facebook ads give you the highest Return on Investment (ROI) and better popunder traffic.

Especially when your key aim is to infiltrate and engage with the Indian market!

One of the great features is the mobile push notification, that allows the brand to stay connected to the customer via display banners or other forms of generating push notification traffic.

However, there are few things to keep in mind about Facebook ads. Just like Google Adwords one of the problems with Facebook ads is that it has a huge amount of competition and getting it right can be a difficult job!

There are other localized Indian social media platforms that are taking away small sectors of the audience.

Linked In Ads 


Lastly, we have LinkedIn ads! There are great if you have a specific audience that is more familiar with business features. Many professionals who like to engage with content and academia can be reached here. LinkedIn is a very popular professional platform in India as well.

It has many different ad types that suit the type of demographic, psychographic and locations you wish to aim. It generates a lot of popunder traffic for your website and converts users to sales.

However, one of the main problems with LinkedIn that it is a more expensive option as compared to Google AdWords and Facebook. It is also saturated, which is why it can be a hit or miss both.


Is Buying Website Traffic from India a Safe Investment?


Many website owners and runners would first wonder whether or not buying graphics can benefit their business and or if it is a safe investment?

Generating traffic is extremely important to step towards creating a profitable business. Out of the many countries with the highest Internet usage, there is the UK, US, CA, AU, India, France, Germany.

India is one of the main places that allows geotargeting the audience and building a customer base with affiliate marketing! Once you generate steady pop under traffic you can also earn from pay per click and pay per view advertising models.

In this modern era and time, there are many features like push notification advertising and display banners that can help you generate you’re even more over traffic an audience is to stay on your website. This significantly reduces the bounce rate as well as helps with lead generation.

Website Traffic
More and more users engage with ads on many different platforms

What is important here is that it starts to increase your conversion rate as you build your customer base.

You potentially earn more and convert those potential leads into profit! This is because you are promoting your content, product or service to the right audience and demographic.

Popadup provides you with the tools you need to generate an audience that matches your key demographic!

It is also a great way for lead generation as it reaches a large number of people. India has one of the largest populations that currently use social media.

It is a place where you can find quality cheap website traffic and turn visitors to buying customers.