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Imagine your site getting 200,000 targeted traffic visitors monthly for six months, think about the transformation it will do to your business and personal life. Firstly, your website will be getting a lot of exposure, and don’t I even need to tell you about the tons of money you will be making.

The truth is, every site needs the extra-traffic, and you have probably tried a lot of things to increase traffic, and it gets tiring and frustrating at a point.

You have probably put a lot of cash into Facebook and Google Ads and other social media campaigns, but you are still not getting the response you want. The truth is you need to Buy Targeted Website Traffic.

Targeted website traffic

Buying targeted traffic will drastically increase the number of visitors to your site in hundreds of thousands. This targeted traffic arrives quickly in less than 48 hours.

It is the smart way of increasing visitors, generating conversions, and leads on your site. Be at ease, and let me introduce you to, chosen by over 10,000+ advertisers. Your Preferred Solution

Driving targeted traffic to your site can be very tough.

With more and more users on the internet, there is a huge audience reason for our existence. The success of your website is determined by the amount of traffic your site generates.

At PopAdup, we are mostly patronized by affiliate marketers, media buyers, online businesses, and digital marketers. We help you to generate conversions and leads with our Push Notifications Ads, Pop-under and Pop-up Ads, Solo Ads, Lead Generation Service, Native Ad, and Display Banners.

Get access to over 200+ traffic sources from one dashboard. It means you are given the choice of over 200 targets to pick from in your quest to reach your target audience.

PopAdUp Media Buying Platform offers access to over 500,000,000 users worldwide that can easily opt-in your offer. It means you can make more money from push ads traffic instead of losing all your money on other traffic sources such as Google Adwords and Facebook.

We bring you a social media advertising alternative. Instead of spending so much money for less, we will help generate real human visitors and audience to your site and also increase the conversion rate. These visitors will be turned into buying customers and help convert users to sales.

Quality Website Traffic

By ‘quality,’ we mean real human traffic, people who need your services to meet their various needs and problems. Using our bot filters and user engagement tech, you are assured that your audiences are real humans and not bots.

Targeted website traffic
With more and more users on the internet, there is a huge audience

Cheap Website Traffic

Increase your website traffic with our low minimum bid rate, as low bid gets you more traffic, more sales, and leads. Our ad formats bid rates for Push notification Ads start from $0.003 CPC, Popunder ads $0.001 CPV, Native Ads, and Display Banners start from $0.1 CPM.

We also have a low deposit rate because we believe our users should not spend so much money on our platform without getting a chance to test it. Start with $40 only!


With Geo-targeting, you can receive visitors from specific countries, states, cities, and DMA regions.