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Popunder traffic

Advertisements can be very annoying at times, especially when it comes up to our favorite TV shows. It is even more annoying when it interrupts your browsing sessions, and it is downright irritating.

Advertisers are then charged to come up with a solution to make advertising more effective and less annoying. Hence, we have Pop Traffic.

As long as you use the internet, you would have come across Pop Traffic; you just never knew what it was. Pop traffic is the term used to refer to both Popups and Pop-unders. It is the traffic and audience that visits your site due to Pop Ads.

Both Popup and Pop-under ads are intended to bring in traffic to your site. The difference is that a Popup ad comes up on the window, which the visitor is on. It is considered to be a bit intrusive, and the visitor annoyingly closes it without going through it.

Pop-under ads, on the other hand, is usually hidden behind the window which the visitor is on, or opens as a new browser window. It is the latest form of online advertising, and it is quickly becoming viral and preferred.

It doesn’t intrude on the main website the visitor is on; this action, as a result of this, gives the visitor the option of going through the Pop-under window later, at his convenience.

It also captures contact information like emails as well and runs entirely on different platforms and devices (desktop, tablet, or mobile). This feat enables it to reach the audience wherever they are.

Popunder traffic
These tools can be used on various platforms and devices

Get Quality Pop-under Traffic


Popadup media buying platform offers access to over 500,000,000 users worldwide that can easily opt-in your offer.

Pop-under traffic can be sloppy and very much less effective if not done correctly with strategy and concise. At Popadup, we give advertisers an excellent opportunity to brand and showcase their products to over 500,000,000 users worldwide.

The audience also gets sufficient information about the product you are advertising to them.

Why is the Best Choice for You

Pop-under ads have prevalent usage on our ad network platform, as it is valuable to get conversions. We provide you with a massive audience and help drive network traffic to your site and also offer extensive qualified support. With Popadup, you enjoy positive ROI across all verticals and geos.

We will place your Pop-under ads on relevant and appropriate websites that are visited by people from your target demographics. Our ad network platform gives high-quality, high-performing, and brand-safe traffic by:

  • Device targeting (mobile, tablet, and desktop device via an operating system).
  • Geo-targeting: target visitors from specific countries, states, cities, and regions.
  • Browser targeting – get visitors from specific browsers or make an exclusion list.
  • Real-time reports – get statistics in real-time on click, converts, impressions, and bids.
  • Google analytics integration – connect and collect data with google analytics using macros
  • Dedicated support – Our support team is ready to provide specialized assistance for you 24/7

Popunder traffic

At, we work towards giving our clients the best traffic experience that gives you best results.