Which Ad Format Is The Best?

Ad Format Types

1.) Banner Ad

Banner ad usually include a text or a visual promoting the advertiser business.

This kind of ad is an object on the webpage:

What is a banner ad?
When you click on banner ad it’s will usually lead to a landing page on the advertiser site.

As you can see from the examples banner ads are very persuasive and their main target is to make the user do an action.

Pop-up Ad Pop-up ad appears in its own window, when the user opens or closes a web page. Generally, pop-up-ads are considered very annoying and irritating. The in-build settings in browsers can block such pop-up ads.


2.) Pop Up Ad

A PopUp is a a display area, on most of the times very small window, that suprinsigly come out on front the main browser interface.

PopUps can be triggered by a mouse click, page scrolling, mouseover or the time it’s occur.

There are kind of PopUps that take over all the screen, and not only a small part of it.

Example of how popup ads look:
Pop Up Ads Examples


3.) Pop-Under Ad

Pop-Under ads are almost identical to regular popups, the main different is the popunder will appear secretly behind your browser window instead of in front of it.

As Pop-Up ads became irretating and spread on whole the computer screen, the majority of the users studied to shut down those popups without even read them.

The best part of Pop-under ads that is they do not interupt the user surfing the web.

Most of times, they will remain hidden until the user will close the main browser window or minimize it.

Therefore¬†when the user eventually will look at this at, most of the chances it’s will catch his attention.

Many scientific researches on the field of digital marketing showed that users respond better to Popunder ads rather than popup ads because of this difference.


Popunder example:
Pop Under Examples


4.) Native Ads


Native advertising (or advertorials marketing) is a kind of advertising, on most of the cases online, that go with the flow of the website it appears.

Many times it’s look like a article or a video, composed by the advertiser with a intent advertise a product while matching the style of the ad to the platform editorial style.

Therefore, it’s so hard to get your native ads approved, because it’s need to match to the site flow and content.

The reason it called ‘native’ refer to the continuity of the content with other media shown on the platform.



Look this example from buzzfeed to native advertising

Native Advertising Examples



You can get results with each kind of ad described on this blog.

The most important thing is to decide what is the best match for your product and your site.

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