The 5 Best Alternatives to Facebook Ads in 2019

The 5 Best Alternatives to Facebook Ads in 2019

Facebook Ads is one of the most influential form of advertising, 41% of small businesses in the United States utilize Facebook Ads to promote their products and services. In spite of its popularity, a lot of businesses have reported that they did not get the expected outcomes from their marketing strategy. Social Media Examiner did a research and found that only 45% of advertisers felt an impact from the advertising with the rest commenting otherwise.


LinkedIn is one of the most sought out platforms for advertising especially for professionals. The platform has over 546 million users providing limitless chances for those seeking to advertise to reach the intended groups of people especially in business fields.  The ads enable a user to be able to reach the targeted audience with options of target groups’ provided. The options include industry, employer, skills, interests, job title. It also updates its information more regularly making it highly efficient thus compared to FaceBook; LinkedIn is the best alternative to facebook ads for advertising.

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The app continues to increase its influence on advertising and thus is a great alternative to advertising. The app has a different way of operating as well as unique users that are approximately 200 million in number. Users of the app use it as a way of planning their schedules for forthcoming occasions, get ideas as well as shopping. You can save items on the boards and come back later to purchase. Up to 87% of its users buy items after seeing them on the platform so it was online right for Pinterest to introduce the advertising to its platform. There are a number of ways in which its users can see content through visiting profiles of users, searching for keywords as well as going to home page. Additionally, users are able to see saved pins by other users when they have followed them thus increasing reach and sales. Moreover, Pinterest further simplifies the process by enabling users to save Pinterest boards and come later, which is especially important for customers who get distracted.

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Snapchat can only be found on phones and is a great way for advertising when a company wants to effectively connect with users. The app is efficient since the content posted by users will only appear for a short period of time and then disappear. Because of its short lifespan, it prompts users to feel the importance as well as enthusiasm of immediately viewing the ads before they expire.

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This platform is very flexible and does a little bit of everything, an open-source with privacy that has attracted a number of users. The platform has similarities to Facebook form timelines, profiles, messaging, and content sharing among other things. Thus users who seek to advertise their stuff can do so easily from Minds.

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There are many sources of entertainment nowadays and gaming is one of them especially for the young people. People particularly prefer watching other people playing games instead them plating. Online gaming is turning in millions for companies and is now on a global scale thus Twitch is creating the ideal place for marketers to target the a large number of the young audience. Companies such as eSport were able to cash in an estimated $906 million in profits in 2012, an amount that will continue increasing. Twitch has become the one of the most recognized platforms for streaming eSport games therefore making it the most suitable platform for advertising when you are targeting young guys who are into gaming and technology. Twitch has 15 million active users who can spend over one and half hours viewing live gaming on a daily basis. The platform is very engaging because of its interactive nature, more engagement transforms to more attention by users to advertisements making it better than facebook ads.

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Advantages of online advertising

  1. Reaches target audience

Because online advertising platforms provide you with the option of targeting audience that may be interested in your products or services, the marketing strategy will be very effective in adding customers to you business.

  1. Reaches a wider audience

Social media platforms has millions of users, so when you advertise your product, it will reach a lot of people increasing the number of customers. Online advertising is more efficient compared to physical advertising where you distribute fliers for instance.

  1. It is affordable

Apart from reaching a wider audience, this form of advertising is much cheaper compared to TV adverts, billboards and radio stations. As a result you will be able to maximize on profits while reducing costs.

  1. Track success

Methods of advertising like radio and TV cannot be tracked whether they were successful, nonetheless, the success of online promotion can be tracked. The moment you starting promoting your product, the ads are tracked to see the number of people who saw your product.

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To conclude, a lot of marketing platforms have come up that will help you in promoting your business that are facebook alternatives 2019. Despite that, not every advertising platform will work for you and hence you will need to choose carefully a platform that meets your needs so that it will maximize your marketing strategy.

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The 5 Best Alternatives to Facebook Ads in 2019