Push Notification Advertising

New Ad Format! Push Notifications

A new and innovative Ad Format known as Push Notifications has finally been launched by Pop Ad Up after news of its release circulated the media for quite a while.

This Ad format has previously been used by many top brands globally as just a channel for content delivery; however, it has now been modified and enhanced into an advertising tool with a guaranteed high conversion rate.

Push Notifications is focused on taking your business directly to your clients without having to pass through the usual intermediaries such as social media of banners. Interesting right? In this post, we will shed more light on Push Notifications; what it is, how much it costs and the benefits it brings to businesses.

What exactly is Push Notifications?

Basically, a push notification can be a text or multi-media message that is sent from other applications when the user’s settings are enabled to receive them. It is a highly innovative way to keep businesses directly connected to their desired client demographic.

Also, this Ad Format is very user-friendly and easy to understand. Push Notifications operates by offering real value whether through coupons, alerts, contents or time-sensitive offers in the bid to attract and maintain user engagement with the application.

What do they look like?

It is simply a small icon that will appear on your client’s phone or tablet screen once enabled.It pops up like the usual short message alerts we are all used to seeing. Here’s an example of how mobile push notifications can look on your client’s device:



 What about its cost?

Push Notifications is extremely affordable; letting users pay on clicks starting from $0.01 CPC ONLY. This means that with a budget of just $25, users can buy about 2500 new clicks.  This is by far much affordable  affordable value when it comes to media sales compared to other platforms like Google where users are made to pay $5 for each click, its like 500% cheaper than other Media like Adwords and Facebook Ads, where you pay few dollars per click.

Results and Conversion Rate

Regardless of what ever niche your business is focused on, you are guaranteed about 25% to 108% conversion rate after each campaign.

These numbers surpass the results from all other ad formats in the market. A lot of clients like to run campaigns on more than one ad format at a time to get better results; with Push Notification, clients can run their campaigns solely on this ad format and still get amazing results.


How can push notification advertising scale your campaign ROI and your business into a new level of success?

1. 10% Human User Engagement

Push Notifications Ads is the only real human guarantee Ad format in the market.

Before getting Push Notifications, users will have to agree to receive a website’s notifications by subscribing. This eliminates all possibilities of receiving inorganic traffic from a bot.

Push Notification Subscription

To maintain the non-intrusive nature of push notifications, customers receive only a limited number of notifications a day with an option to unsubscribe at any given moment. These factors ensure high-quality traffic and authentic audiences for your campaigns.

2. Outstanding Performance, wide reach!

In comparison to other ad formats, Push Notifications will appear right on your client’s mobile device; thus, ensuring high accessibility, response and great click through rate(CTR).

One of the most amazing features of push notifications  is that they are delivered to the user even when he is not browsing the website or interacting with your app, driving exceptional reach and efficiency for every push notification campaign you launch.


3. Expands your customer reach by exposing you to fresh, untapped audiences

Push Notifications gives you straight access to larger markets apart from your existing audience. This way, you can increase your client base by reaching out to other users in different parts of the world regardless of whether they are using Push Notifications on their websites or mobile devices.

Unlike most of the available in the market push notifications services, Popadup has a full range of push notifications options, allowing you to target users on every platform and device; including web and mobile push notifications.

4. Keeps your audience engaged and invested in your brand

Push notifications are in essence a new generation of native ads, being native not just to the website content, but native to user interests.

Since Push Notifications can be tailored to satisfy your client’s interests; by using this ad format, it shows that they are genuinely interested in your products or services and invested in your brand

Push notifications are also a great way to remind your existing clients of your product or services. It’s been proved that regularly sent notifications increase the retention rate by 25%.

5. Custom Options and Quick delivery

Push Notifications allows you to send over a million messages to your entire audience in an instant. This high delivery speed is accentuated with intense custom options which enables you to choose the users that see which message. This is a very important setting and comes in handy especially when sending offers.

Desktop, Mobile Web, Mobile App Push Notification, what is the different between them?

Although they look almost identical, the mechanism behind the process is completely different.

App push notifications are sent straight from an app, and that makes it a prerequisite for an advertiser to have an app. But what if you don’t have an app?

That’s when web push notifications come into play. You can send web push notifications even if you don’t have an app, using newly-launched PopAdup Push Notifications service.

And if you do have your own app, you can drive additional Installations to that app by using Push Notification Ads!

What can you promote with Push Notifications?

Push notifications are a universal ad format that works with any type of products, services and CPA offers. It opens broad possibilities for content promotion should it be an offer, announcement, website update or a brand awareness campaign.

Here are some content ideas for your push notifications:

  • ICO on Crypto Currency
  • Loans
  • Mobile Apps and Games
  • Forex and Binary
  • Casino
  • New product and service launch
  • Awareness for a promotion
  • Alerts, based on geo location
  • eCommerce updates: sales & discounts announcements
  • Downloadable: eBooks, check-lists, templates
  • Mobile apps promos to increase installs
  • Freebies (like sweepstakes etc.)

As you can see, push notifications are a great way to reach your customers directly. This ad format adds more diversity to your marketing mix, and it’s essential for consistent long-term growth of  your business.


Case Studies


Here is a case study from one of our advertisers that promote as an affiliate games and mobile apps

Offer: Dragon Awaken Geo: DE\FR\AU\CA\GB\NZ\US

Payout: 2,5-3$

Spend: 1408$

Revenue: 2829$

ROI: 101%

Period: 16.08-09.09

Decided to test game installs on push-notification advertising. Browser games go well with native format so started from those in particular. Found a decent offer on Dragon Awaken with good payouts and a couple of landing pages. Saw it in a couple of affiliate networks, which is nice.

Had some experience with games, got lots of different pre-landings (with fantasy girls and short quizzes mostly), so managed to launch campaigns pretty easily. I rarely make pre-landings by myself, usually use spy-services and edit those to better fit the offer. (BTW, had to lead traffic straight to the landing, EPC appeared to be higher)

Tested 4 approaches to making creatives for push advertising:

  1. Game posters
  2. Gameplay screenshots
  3. Other games screenshots (Heroes 3 performed nicely)
  4. Classic – sexy girls from games

Got texts at Advansets, translated through Workzilla, spent just a couple of bucks.

Most creatives performed well. Changed them once every 2-4 days until conversions dropped. Here are some of those:

Didn’t have to stop anything, since all subscribers lists had positive ROI. Here’s what I spent on push ads:

And here are affiliate network stats:

Got good results and decent revenue  🙂

Note that push-advertising is very much different from regular native ads. Format is a bit similar, but never the less. I recommend to change creatives at least once every 3 days. You’ll get maximum relevant audience that way.

How to start Push Notifications campaign via our platform?

The new format is already available for CPM campaigns on our Self-Service Platform. Simply click the “Create Campaign” button choose the CPM pricing model and then select the Ad Format “Push Notifications” (as shown on the screenshot below).