5 Steps to Get More Twitter Followers in 2019

5 Steps to Get More Twitter Followers in 2019

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We are in a world where social media seems to control a huge part of our lives. In a day, the average person will spend 24 hours online every week. In every week, the average person dedicates an entire day to surf the internet. Different social platform receive different amount of attention. Among the mostly used social media platform is Twitter. As of 2018, Twitter had a total of 328 million monthly active users. This provides a large pool of potential clients for many business. When used correctly, Twitter can, therefore, be an extremely important tool for business.

Uses of Twitter

Twitter can be used for different things. Presidential campaigns are hottest on Twitter, for instance. Cabinet Secretaries will post briefs of recent developments in their dockets on Twitter to reach the millions of users. Companies also post recent updates on Twitter to alert their clients as well as potential clients.

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Another use of Twitter is getting specific answers or advice from experts. When one is experiencing challenges in a particular field, posting their difficulties on Twitter will expose the difficulty to the world. Anyone from any part of the world can come across the tweet and answer provide you with a solution. You will be lucky if your tweet starts trending catching the attention of millions.

When a particular product becomes a challenge to use, Twitter makes it easier to find customer care services. Many companies today have an active Twitter account. Because the company’s Twitter account is public, anything posted there is exposed to the public. As a result, the company is quick to respond to avoid receiving a backlash from the public. It is easier to receive customer support on Twitter than it is when calling them or sending an email.

Another very important use of Twitter is building of connections with potential clients. As people comment on trending hashtags, people find like-minded followers who they can grow one another. It can also lead to creating a connection with potential employees or employers.


It is clear that Twitter is an extremely important tool in the contemporary world. Having an account on Twitter is not enough. To build connections and be in a position to influence others, one must have many followers. The more the followers a user has, the more credible he or she is thought to be.  To get Twitter followers free of charge, one can use the following five methods.

  1. Getting more followers can be hard and easy at the same time. One way of getting more followers is through tweeting frequently. The more you tweet, the higher the possibility of other users to find your tweets relevant. If you are relevant, many people will follow you. The difficult part of getting the followers is by remaining relevant.
  2. Posting visual content is another great way get more followers on Twitter. People are attracted by visuals. It is also likely that the visuals will be funny to some people. Anything funny on Twitter is a great way to earn followers.
  3. You can also gain more followers by importing them from other social platforms. This can be done by sending them the link to your account. You can also directly ask them to follow you on Twitter. Those with Twitter accounts are likely to follow you.
  4. Having many followers is another great way of gaining followers easily. Many people will fallow back whenever they are followed. By following people, you will see what the post. If you keep commenting on their posts, it is likely that they will follow you back.
  5. Twitter always presents the trending hashtags. By using many hashtags especially those that are trending, people likely see your tweets. The more visible your tweets are, the higher the chances of increasing the number of followers.

Using the above five steps, the question on how to get more Twitter followers is answered.


The power of Twitter

User’s help companies grow. If followers of a company mention the company many times, the company gets free credit and is thought to be doing well. Its value can even increase through positive mentions by followers. For instance, whenever there is a lot of positive mentioning of Twitter Inc. by followers Twitter get free glory as a company and its value increases. If the mentions are negative, Twitter Inc., can see its value fall sharply. Twitter has also been used in different countries to put to shame people who violate the rights of others. Those who go against the morals set by society have also found themselves at the receiving end of Twitter users.

Commercializing Twitter followers

Companies want as many people to be reached by the word about their products. The contemporary world offers such companies a good chance to use social media. People with many followers have been contacted by companies requesting them to include their company’s name or product in their tweet. This earns the users a lot of money regardless of whether the tweet caused a change in number of sales made by the company/.

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5 Steps to Get More Twitter Followers in 2019