Are Mobile Advertising Networks The Next Big Game Changers In Advertising?

Mobile advertisers

We live in an era where everything from shopping, studying and entertainment, happens over the internet — precisely speaking on our mobile phones.

Did you know, nearly 3 billion people in the world right now own a smartphone? Which means 3 billion possible clients, are all just a few clicks away.

Given the statistics, and how much time most of us spend on our mobile phones, it is a must for businesses to invest in mobile advertising networks.

We here at Popadup are doing exactly that. We believe Mobile advertising networks will soon take the world by a storm. You can prepare yourself by signing up now!

How Does Popadup Help Advertisers Achieve Their Goals?

Yes, mobile advertising companies can help advertisers achieve better traffic and an even better ROI (return of investments).

  1. Ease of access. On average, people spend more than 4 hours on their phones every single day, which means you can reach out to them any day, any place.
  2. Timely reminders. Since we carry our phones with us, every place we go- even to the toilet, the customers can be reminded of sales, benefits, etc. timely.
  3. Cost-efficient. Surprisingly, mobile advertisement costs less than half of what tv advertisements or other ad campaigns cost.
  4. Better reachability. Unlike desktops, you can reach clients via different mediums on a mobile phone. Messages, in-app advertisements, pop-up reminders, social media, etc.

Why Should Affiliate Marketers And Media Buyers Choose Popadup?

Popadup advertising platform is a multi-channel advertising media buying platform that allows advertisers to find and target their audience, all at an undeniably low cost of CPC and CPM.

Despite good CPC and CPM rates, PopAdUp provides quality traffic and a great return on investment (ROI).

Other than that:

  1. Performance-Based Platform
  2. Low Bid Rates
  3. User-Friendly Interface
  4. Wide Range Of Verticals
  5. Best Conversion And Tracking Tools

PopAdUp offers the best and reliable conversion and tracking tools, which helps allocate your budget in the right place, at the right time and also helps create better content in the future.

Mobile advertising network
With increasing mobile phone users, there is more traffic than ever.


Popular Ad formats Popadup Offers:

Advertisers can run several ad formats via Popadup including:

  1. Push Notification – With push notification, PopAdUp takes your business directly to your client’s phone, without having to go through the usual intermediaries such as social media. These results in an engaged audience and a more than 100% ROI rate.
Mobile Advertising Networks
Keeping the audience engaged is a very important task.


  1. Pop-under – is a non-abrasive form of advertising. With nearly 2billion page views per day and more than 100,000 publishers, pop-under ads bring exceptional reach and audience that engages well.
  2. Native Ads – are hidden forms of ads. PopAdUp camouflages the advertisements into the viewers’ content. It exposes the reader to advertising content without sticking out like a sore thumb.
  3. Display Banners – Other than boosting sales, display banners help get your brand the recognition you need to boost your business and create better brand awareness. With more than 5 billion daily impressions, from across 256 verticals and more than 230 different countries.