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Let us show you how you can get 1000 visitors only for $0.5

this means only $0.0005 Per visitor.


Step 1: Watch How to Create your First Campaign


watch this short video tutorial for our platform campaign features.It will assist you to learn how easy and effective it is to build a campaign with us, and it will cover the most important cmapaign setup tips. 


Step 2: How To get 1000 visitors for only $0.5 and 100% completely Brand Safe

Ok, so lets say you have wanted to create a pop campaign, did you know that you can buy traffic         from any GEO just for $0.0005 per visit, so potentially you can buy 2000 visitors for only $1, this is           real great deal, isn't it.  For that you need to assure you are using 2 features:

1.  Max. cost per visit, $  0.0005

2. Frequency Cap  1 visit per 24 hours

3.  Fraud Detection Filters

When you setup your campaign, don't forget to use all our fraud detection filters, this will assure to     make your traffic clean and safe. 

Step 3: Create campaign

After you watched the video and read our important tips, you can start create your first campaign. We recommend working with several landing pages for A/B testing. Set targeting, choose GEO, don't forget about budget limits. You're almost done!

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We also offer an account management for campaign budget higher  than $1,000