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Alternative Chosen Traffic By Affiliate Marketers

If you are an affiliate marketer who runs offers for verticals
such as making money, MLM, Forex, Business Opportunity,
Crypto, Diet, Sweepstakes, Dating, App installs you for sure
always looking for quality traffic sources that can convert
from visitors into leads and sales.

Using our Opt-in Email Traffic, you can reach
great results with low budget testing.

Build your subscribers list with our lead generation service
can help you reach your goals faster and keep yourself profitable.

Push Notification Ads

New! Push Notification - The Ad Format that Changes The Game

 Push notification can be a text or multi-media message that is sent from other applications when the user’s settings are enabled to receive them. It is a highly innovative way to keep businesses directly connected to their desired client demographic.

Also, this Ad Format is very user-friendly and easy to understand. Push Notifications operates by offering real value whether through coupons, alerts, contents or time-sensitive offers in the bid to attract and maintain user engagement with the application.

PopAdUp Media Buying Platform offers access to over 500,000,000 users worldwide that can easily opt-in your offer. This means you can make more money from push ads traffic instead of losing all your money on other traffic sources such as Google Adwords and FaceBook.

Mobile Push Notification Traffic

What is Native Push Notifications and How it Can Increase your Traffic

Ad Formats

Push Notifications Advertising Ad Format


Push notification advertising is simply a small icon that will appear on your client’s phone or tablet screen once enabled. It pops up like the usual short message alerts we are all used to seeing. 

Push Notifications Advertising is focused on taking your business directly to your clients without having to pass through the usual intermediaries such as social media of banners. Learn More>>

Popunder Ad Formats


Pop-under ad is a type of fullscreen window that opens behind or so-called under the browser window of a website. In contrast to a pop-up ad, which opens over the browser windows, a pop-under is less visible as it hides behind other browser window. Pop-under ads are very popular usage on our ad network platform.  Learn More>>

Popup Advertising Ad Format


Same as Pop-under Ads just as a window that opens over the browser window of a website means above the user browser window. it is more obtrusive as it covers other windows.

Pop-ups ads can also contain a game, audio or video to attract visitors. Learn More>>

Native Ads Advertising Network Traffic


Native  Ads advertising is the integration of marketing content with a website or service in such a way that it blends in with the rest of the material presented in terms of its content or style. Native ads are more engaging than banners.  Learn More >>

Display Banner Ads Advertising Network Traffic


Display or banner advertising is one of the most popular and traditional methods of digital advertising. Display advertising creates brand awareness and recognition. POP AD UP advertising platform supports all standard IAB banner sizes. Learn More >>

Push Notification Advertising Traffic


Interstitial ads are full-screen landing pages that are loading between pages of a user session for a specific time. Interstitial ads are one of the most popular ad formats because of high impression rate to increase downloads and revenue.

Push Notification Ads Traffic


Audience or Verified Audience is run of network or RON. This media buying option appears and rotates ads on any websites and pages of the network. It's used for an ad arbitrage and website engagement. Audience offers IAS and DoubleClick filters.

Get Quality Traffic From Everywhere with One Simply Dashboard

popunder ads advertising network traffic

Verticals and Global Reach

Affiliate Marketing Advertising Traffic Source

Receive High-Quality, High-Performing And Brand-Safe Traffic!

Using security filters our platform is eliminating fraud impressions and clicks by:

Advertising Network Traffic

Device Targeting

Target mobile, tablet, and desktop device via an operating system

Push Notification Advertising


Receive Visitors from specific countries, states, cities DMA regions.

Push Notification Advertising

Browser Targeting

Get visitors from specific browsers or make an exclusion list

Popunder Ads

Real-Time Reports

Get statistics in real-time on click, converts, impression, and bids.

Media Buying Platform

GA Integration

Connect and collect data with Google Analytics using macros.

Affiliate Marketing Traffic

Dedicated Support

Our support team is ready to provide dedicated assistance for you 24/7

Push Notification Advertising

Low Minimum Bid Rate!

Increase your website traffic with our low minimum bid rate, as low bid gets you more traffic, means more sales and leads.  Our ad formats bid rates for Push Notification  Ads start from $0.003 CPC, Popunder ads $0.001 CPV, Native Ads, and Display Banners start from $0.1 CPM

Push Notification Advertising

Low Minimum Start Deposit

We don’t believe that our users should have to spend so much money on our platform without even getting a chance to test it. Start with $40 ONLY!

Push Notification Advertising

Flexible Refund Policy

At Pop Ad Up we believe in giving all our users the best possible experience, therefore we don’t hold your money because we know hard you work for your campaigns.

If you don’t believe that you’re getting the best conversions from our platform, we’ll promptly issue you a refund of your remaining account balance.

Just ask – you’ll be refunded within 24 hours, no strings attached and no question ask.

Push Notification Advertising

Large Range of Traffic Sources

With Pop Ad Up you can connect to premium supply-side platforms that help you to manage your advertising space inventory, like Google Ad Exchange, OpenX, Appnexus and over 50 more networks and  ad exchanges.

In short, you get access to over 10 billion daily impressions worldwide through us.

Push Notification Advertising Network Traffic

Contextual Advertising

Our programmatic technology can take your targeted keywords and get you the right visitors your landing page need to convert.

Brand Safe with Fraud
Detection Technology - Integral Ad Science included

Our advertising cooperates with Integral Ad Science - one of the leading experts in traffic quality.

Select Audience or IAS Firewall Audience traffic to fully benefit from the feature. We also support real-time filtering by Forensiq, MOAT, and you can use our proprietary filtering tool, Norma.

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Popunder Advertising

Increase your user’s engagement with your website

Proprietary audience engagement data and custom-developed algorithms allow to ensure maximum reach and effectively achieve campaign goals.

Common goals are:

  • Increasing video views
  • Pageviews
  • Time spent on site

Setup your Campaign with
Conversions Goals

Programmatic media buying technology, which allows you to get the most accurate results. Advertisers can take advantage of algorithmic optimization by defining conversion goals.

Popunder Ad Traffic
Popunder Advertising

Browser Targeting

Get visitors from custom browsers or create an exclusion list.

OS Targeting

Get visitors from custom browsers or create an exclusion list.

Popup Ad Traffic
Buy Website Traffic

Source Sampling

To get better results, limit the visits per source even before you start the optimization.


Receive unique visitors from specific countries, states or cities.

Buy Website Traffic
Buy Website Traffic

Source Targeting

Whitelist or blacklist specific sources to optimize your campaigns.


Receive unique visitors from specific countries, states or cities.

Buy Push Ad Website Traffic
Buy Popunder and Popup Website Traffic

Macros Tracking

So many types of macros can help you get better results and transparency to your campaign.

Domain Targeting

Whitelist or blacklist specific domains that can increase the conversion rate

Buy Popunder and Popup Website Traffic
Buy Native Ads Website Traffic

Post-Back URL and Pixel Integration

You can simply count conversions on any tracking system using tracking pixels and postback url and integrate it on your tracking platform 

Auto-pilot Optimization Rules

Use our smart optimization rules, that will take your campaign optimization into an autopilot, all the sources that don't convert will be blocked, while the conversion sources will enhance the volume. 

Affiliate Marketing Website Traffic
Buy Popunder Advertising Traffic
Push Notification Advertising Network
Popunder Traffic

Advance Reports

Customize reports per demand, get the big picture with our dynamic reports

Global Reach

Receive unique visitors from 194 countries in the world.

Push Notification Traffic
Push Notification Traffic

GA Integration

Connect and collect data with Google Analytics with one click and custom destination url.

Native Ads Traffic

A/B Testing

Test a few landing pages at the same time, and decide which perform better.

IP Blocking

You can import and export the block list of IP addresses instantly and place them in the campaign setup. Optimize your campaign for better results

Native Ads Traffic

Deposit Methods

We accept PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, WebMoney, Wire, and Bitcoin

Pay Per Lead Advertising
Media Buying Platform

Live Support

Our support team is ready to provide you live support.

We have live chat support over live chat Window and Skype for any question you might have.

Our Skype is Open on this bottom right are of this page 

Self Service Media Buying Platform
Buy Push Notification Website Traffic

Budget Control

Control your daily spend.

PopAdUp Monetization Solution

PopAdUp open the door for new quality publishers from all kinds that need to monetize their supply. We offer decent revenue share and quality demands of advertisers for push, pop, native and display. 

Join Our Publisher Program here >>

Knowledge and Tutorials

Popunder Campaign Building Video

How to Engage Your Users with Perfect Push Notification Copies

Ad copy has a major impact on your campaign success. Targeted ad copy can increase the ad CTR and as by-product increase the conversion rate, which means higher ROI for your campaign budget.
This video tutorial explains how to deliver the right message with the correct image set up so it will get better results.

Popunder Campaign Building Video

Pop-under and Pop-up Campaign Building Video Tutorial

Watch this video and learn how easy and effective it is to build a pop-under campaign with Popadup advertising DSP platform. Pop-under is still one of the most popular ad formats that allow you to reach a comprehensive audience reach at a low cost.  Popadup has a high level of fraud detection filters to avoid any bot traffic source, so the advertiser traffic always stays clean and keep its quality. 

Push Notification Ads

Push Notification Advertising Case Studies 

There is nothing better than other user experience when it comes to seeing results with push ads using our unique platform and quality traffic sources. 

Our users' case studies indicate that 75% from the campaigns were succeeding to increase their conversion rate by 175.3% on average in comparison to other ad formats and other advertising platforms.

Learn More about our users push notification campaigns case studies

Push Notification Ads

Expert Methodology To gain High KPI Results Using Auto Optimization Rules

We work directly with our clients to help them get the best results for their campaign, therefore we expose you to our method of using our special auto-optimization rules. The optimization rules feature is doing for you all the hard work of optimizing your campaign such as auto blacklist and white list sources to increase the performance. You simply can create any rule based on clicks, impressions, conversions, sources, publishers, placements, domains and all by days interval.  


Learn more about how we are using this amazing optimization rule to generate 

conversions and increase ROI from your first $1 budget >>

Push Notification Ads Traffic

Why Push Notification Advertising is Taking Over on Other Ads Format

Push Notification Advertising become more popular as more the time is passing, as users understand that is away more advance ad format than others like banners and popunder, although popunder is still running more than 50% of the traffic on ad networks, push notification become more popular, as it is proven mythology to generate 10X more conversions while the low cost of bid gives the advertiser the opportunity to exam more users engagement.  

Learn more on why push notification taking the lead on 2019

World Website Traffic

Traffic Volume and Average CPC Cost Per GEO on Push Notification

Before you build your push notification campaign you probably want to know which GEO has the highest volume of traffic and the country CPC average cost, so we place in one long table all GEOS with their volume and CPC average cost, the volumes are per day.

To view all GEOS Volumes and CPC average cost click here >>

Popup Advertising

Post-back URL Setup

Post-back URL is a target URL used by an affiliate network platform to send information about conversion to your tracking platform. You have to get it from your tracking platform, for example, Voluum, edit it to include affiliate network tokens and then provide it to your affiliate network platform.

A Post-back URL is a URL that is called when a conversion is tracked by an affiliate program and which will “post back” to the affiliate tracking server the data related to the conversion.

On this guide, we will explain to you what is post-back url and how to integrate it with our platform.

Learn how to use post-back url >>

affiliate networks offers

Affiliate Marketing and Make Money Traffic Source

Affiliate Marketing can be a challenge for any newbie affiliate marketer as you have so many things to do like: build a website, build your email list, build your email content funnel, find the traffic sources, find ways to generate traffic for free and cheap, and this is where Popadup Push Notification traffic solution can help you.

When you are using push notification traffic for MLM Offers, Business Opportunity Offers, Make Money from Home Offers or any other affiliate marketing offers, you are simply exposed for a target audience that will click on the push notification ad and place their email address. 

Learn more about Affiliate Marketing Traffic Sources >>

Push Notification Traffic

10 Ways to Use Push Notification in Order to Connect with Your Audience

So many ways to increase the targeted traffic to your website and connect with your users. 

Push Notification ads is the cheapest, high effective and most update method to increase user engagement on a very low cost. Learn what you can do with push notifications to increase the conversion rate and time on site for your visitors

Learn how to increase user engagement with push notifications >> >>

Get your visitors back to your website

How to Use Push Notifications to Get Visitors Back to Your Site

The power of push notifications is already known, now lets learn how you can actually use it smart, and brings not only users, visitors and targeted traffic to your website on a low cost, but also how to convert them into leads and sales and return customers. 

Learn more about push notifications browser usage >>

IN app Advertising

In-app Targeted Audience with Push Notifications

In-app advertising is expedient to affiliate marketing and mobile ad. Social media apps aren’t just the apps taking mobile users time today, but a wide range of other apps across various verticals.

Learn more about in-app advertising with push notifications >>

Google Adwords Alternative

Google Adwords Alternative

There are so many advertising sources and option these days. While CPC cost become very expensive and not affordable, the ROI is going down, and its harder to maintain high profits.  Popadup push notification is a great alternative for Adwords, as it let you target similar audience on a low cost, and still get a high conversion rate that increase your ROI

Learn more about Google Adwords Alternative >>

Google Adwords Alternative

Lead Generation with Push Notification

Decrease the cost of your Lead Generation, also called CPL - Cost Per Lead.  With Push Notification Traffic, you can easily get 10 times more conversion rate than banners and other ad formats, and improve your ROI - return on investment. More Leads means more Sales. 

Learn more about Lead Generation using Push Notifications Ads >>

Forex Website Traffic

How Forex Affiliate Marketers and Media Buyers can get benefits from Popadup

Are you running Forex CPA offers or are you a Forex or Crypto Broker, and needs to generate users with self deposit. Popadup experts can assist you build a full campaign properly and manage it for you so you get positive ROI on your budget. 

Learn more about Forex Advertising Solution >>

Smartlink Advertising

SmartLink Advertising 

Smartlink website traffic advertising is a very useful and important tool that makes your career as an affiliate marketer easier than it has ever been. It operates in such a way that instead of using different offer links in numerous campaigns, all you have to do is just create one Smartlink (it does not take time at all) and you use it in all of your campaigns.

Learn more about our SmartLink promotion solution >>

About Us

PopAdup is a real-time advertising trading platform for Push Notifications Ads, Pop-under Ads, Pop Up Ads, Native Push Notifications Ads, Display Banners and audience traffic. PopAdup delivers maximum exposure for advertisers.

We use a unique combination of industry experience and advanced optimization technology to provide our customers with digital advertising solutions that deliver results.
Our Programmatic Performance DSP Advertising Platform lets you run on any targeting business model such as CPM, CPC, CPV, CPL, CPI, CPA

We have brand-safe features that block any fraud or bot traffic.

Real-time bidding advertising platform

Performance is our main purpose:
Our platform featured with Auto Optimization rules tool, pixels and segments makes it easy to reach your goals.

Our flexible approach to campaign settings allows you to drive the audience that matches your advertising goals. Just insert your target values into the corresponding fields when filling in a campaign form – and you will only get the traffic that matches your goals

Push Notification and Popunder Advertising Traffic


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