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Who Use PopAdup?

  1. Affiliates Marketers who promote different offers or arbitrage their monetize.
  2. Advertisers who look for quality and conversion for their landing page.
  3. Advertisers that need user’s engagement with their website, like time on site, page views and actions.
  4. Media Buyers such as ad networks and agencies.

Receive High-Quality, High-Performing And Brand-Safe Traffic!

Using security filters our platform is eliminating fraud impressions and clicks by:

Ad Formats

Ad format for self Service Media Buying Platform
How to Create a Popunder Campaign

Watch by yourself, how simple and easy it is creating an effective pop campaign, with our innovative conversion tools and fraud detection filters to maximize the performance of your landing page.

Working the best for CPL,CPI,CPA offers on desktop and mobile

World Wide one billion impressions per day, with bids start as low as $0.001 per visit (CPV)

Traffic Types

  • Audience Engagement by verified users. Good for landing page that needs page time on site and page views, like video watching.
  • Full Page redirect Pop under, Popup and interstitial ads for desktop and mobile.
  • Native Ads
  • Display & Mobile
  • Pop, Native and Display are all good to increase conversion rate for offers on CPA/CPI/CPL, yet the traffic is sold on CPM/CPC basis.

Traffic Types

Best Rates

Cheapest rates in the market starting from $0.001 per unique visitor (CPV).

Pay per Visit Rate
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Contextual Advertising

Contextual Advertising

Our programmatic technology can take your targeted keywords and get you the right visitors your landing page need in order to convert

Buy clean Web and Mobile Traffic

Brand Safe with Fraud Detection Technology - Integral Ad Science included

Our advertising cooperates with Integral Ad Science - one of the leading experts in traffic quality.

Select Audience or IAS Firewall Audience traffic to fully benefit from the feature. We also support real time filtering by Forensiq, MOAT, and you can use our own proprietary filtering tool Norma.

User Engagement Conversion Tool

Increase your user’s engagement with your website

Proprietary audience engagement data and custom-developed algorithms allows to ensure maximum reach and effectively achieve campaign goals.

Common goals are:

  • Increasing video views
  • Page views
  • Time on site spent
Signup Conversion Goals

POP Campaign with Conversions Goals

Programmatic buying technology, which allows you to get most accurate results. Advertisers can take an advantage of algorithmic optimization by defining conversion goals.

Browser Targeting

Browser Targeting

Get visitors from custom browsers or create an exclusion list.

OS Device Targeting

OS Targeting

Get visitors from custom browsers or create an exclusion list.

Imporve your result with Source Sampling

Source Sampling

To get better results, limit the visits per source even before you start the optimization.

Geo Targeting

Geo Targeting

Receive unique visitors from specific countries, states or cities.

Browser Targeting

Source Targeting

Whitelist or blacklist specific sources to optimize your campaigns.

Frequency Capping

Avoid over-exposing your audience by not serving them your ad too often.

Macros Tracking

Macros Tracking

So many types of macros can help you get better results and transparency to your campaign.

Domain Targeting

Domain Targeting

Whitelist or blacklist specific domains that can increase the conversion rate

Advance Reports

Advance Reports

Customize reports per demand, get the big picture with our dynamic reports

Global Reach

Global Reach

Receive unique visitors from 194 countries in the world.

Google Analytics Macro Tracking

GA Integration

Connect and collect data with Google Analytics with one click and custom destination url.

Add Whitelist and Blacklist IPs

IP Blocking

You can import and export the block list of IP addresses instantly and place them in the campaign setup. Optimize your campaign for better results

Budget Control

Budget Control

Control your daily spend.

Deposit Methods

Deposit Methods

We accept PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards

Popadup Platform

What is PopAdUp?

PopAdup is a real-time advertising trading platform for Pop and audience traffic. PopAdup delivers maximum exposure for advertisers. We use a unique combination of industry experience and advanced optimization technology to provide our customers with digital advertising solutions that deliver results.

Our flexible approach to campaign settings allows you to drive audience that matches your advertising goals. Just insert your target values into the corresponding fields when filling in a campaign form – and you will only get the traffic that matches your goals

Media Buying Technology

Our Technology

Advertising on PopAdup is easy, reliable and cost-effective. Programmatic buying technology provides most accurate results to advertisers in a few clicks. You get access to best, unique and safe traffic sources in volumes. With a significant reduce of the ad spend. Up to 8x times. The advanced targeting capabilities include geo-location, browsers, and parameters like time on site, page views and video views.

The PopAdup Advertiser Platform takes the hard work out of online advertising, by making everything super simple, easy to understand and user-friendly. Creating, launching, monitoring and optimizing your campaign is a simple, effortless process. If you're looking to reduce costs for audience acquisition it’s a perfect solution to match your business objectives.

Today, we offer Audience Development traffic for as little as $0.001.

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