Setup Whitelist and BlackList Sources ID

Lets say the pub id is 45211 and the site id is 123456 If you want to black or white list pub ID 45211, then you need to add 45211:* If you want to black or white list site ID 123456, then you need to enter the following information to the list: pub_id:123456:*


Use this black list Ips on every single campaign you run in order to avoid all amazon hosting ips this will protect your traffic from bots clicks […]


Allowed macros: {click_id}, {macmd5}, {idfa}, {pub_iab_cat}, {http_referrer}, {domain}, {impression_id}, {user_id}, {winning_price}, {campaign_id}, {creative_id}, {ssp_id}, {pub_id}, {publisher_id}, {site_id}, {placement_id}, {country}, {sub_id}, {source_id}, {keyword}, [UNENCODED_CLICK_REDIRECT], [ENCODED_CLICK_REDIRECT], [DBL-ENCODED_CLICK_REDIRECT], [RANDOM_NUMBER], [BID_ID] Please pass click ID – {click_id} – in one of the available UTM parameters to avoid clicks discrepancy. Example: http://domain.com/?utm_source={source_id}&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=dsp&utm_content={click_id}